Sunday, 13 August 2017

Newark Half Marathon

Ignore the direction arrow, that is for later in the race

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

63 88:56 Joe Clarke
66.59% 5269
89 91:47 Tony Johnson
73.57% 207
99 93:10 Richard Payne
63.82% N/A
103 93:26 Gav Meadows
64:16% 1070
293 1:47:47 Stuart Reader
MV45 PB 60.07% N/A
372 1:51:06 Neil Emerson
64.09% N/A
407 1:53:04 Warren Stark
55.43% N/A

Blackpool Air Show 10K

Second 10k in 36 hours and his second fastest time ever!

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

104 48:28 Ady Walker
59.96% N/A

Friday, 11 August 2017

Sleaford 10k

Grantham Running Club stormed to success at the annual Sleaford 10k open road race on Friday 11 August. The club was well represented with 29 of its members tackling the largely flat course through quiet Lincolnshire country roads, to complete the road race through Scredington and Burton Pedwardine. Participants started in good race day conditions, hampered only by light drizzle with runners turning into a brisk headwind at the 4 mile stretch of the race. 

GRC dominated the ladies race, led home by Holly Durham, fresh from her recent win at Notfast 10k, securing her second win in as many months in a time of 42:07. Holly was followed home by her sister Penny Hodges securing 4th lady and first prize in her age group with a time of 44:30.

Andy Atter led the GRC men home, maintaining current form and narrowly missing out on a top ten place, in a time of 40:01, closely followed by team mate Scott Jones who ran a solid race in a time of 41:29. The performance of the evening came from GRC newcomer Stefan Latter smashing his previous 10K time in a personal best of 44:22, with Stuart Baty also achieving a well-earned PB of 48:58. In his first outing for GRC Walter Cruz-Flores secured a time of 53:18 and commented, "I really enjoyed it. I'm very pleased with my time. I now can't wait to go and eat some cake".

Graduates from GRC's 2017 beginners programme also participated, many running their first race in GRC club colours, their achievement all the more impressive as six months ago they were all new to running. Graduate Edina Burns completed her first 10k race after participating in the Couch to 5k programme earlier this year. Showing great potential, Edina finished in a time of 1:04:46, with the hope of achieving a sub 60 minute 10k next season.

Full GRC results: Andy Atter 40:01, Scott Jones 41:29, Holly Durham 42:07, Stefan Latter 22:22, Penny Hodges 44:30, Russell Maksymiw 46:44, Adrian Walker 47:55, Kevin Kettle 48:43, Stuart Baty 48:58, Suzanne Britz 50:34, Martin Carter 50:36, Gavin Skinner51:47, Paul Durham 51:47, Walter Cruz-Flores 53:18, Nicola Cottam 54:34, Nicola Fahy 55:34, Jacqueline Jacobs 55:49, Julia Hallam 59:37, Brendon Buckley 1:02:22, Kathleen Gray 1:02:35, Yvonne Buckley 1:02:43, Belinda Baker, 1:03:54, Yvette Taylor 1:04:44, Edina Burns 1:04:46, Angela Carr 1:06:00, Claire Fritz 1:06:21, Lynn Fisher 1:11:11, Beverley Toon 1:12:09, CJ Walker 1:19:38.
Report: Penny Hodges 

Photo: Stefan Latter chases Andy Atter and most of team GRC


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dovedale Dipper

Gav, Nev and Paul before the race
Grantham Running Club travelled to the beautiful Peak District to take part in the Dovedale Dipper Event. Participants could choose between two rural routes across remote Peak District trails. Paul Rushworth, Gav Meadows and Nev Chamberlain attempted the 27 mile course which called at Hartington, Longnor, Revidge, Wetton, Castern and Mill Dale before returning to the finish through the magnificent Wolfscote Dale adjacent to the River Dove. The course involved 3,395ft of elevation gain. On the 16 miles route Mark Hillson, Penny Hodges and Gordon Geach ran together in what were ideal conditions for running with intermittent sunshine and a fresh southerly breeze. Melanie Taylor was accompanied throughout the event by her husband Andrew.  
26 mile Paul Rushworth 5 hours 6 minutes. Gav Meadows, 5 hours 22 minutes. Nev Chamberlain, 6 hours 34 minutes.  
16 miles: Mark Hillson, Penny Hodges and Gordon Geach, 3 hours 24 minutes,  Melanie Taylor 5 hours 52 minutes.       

Asda Foundation York 10K

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

3598 64:57 Chloe Amos
46.70% N/A

Sturminster Newton half marathon

Caroline and Paul with their medals

On 6th August Caroline and Paul Davis took part in the renowned Stur Half hosted by Dorset Doddlers running club.
The race was held in the heart of the Dorset countryside along narrow lanes and through several small villages. Though the route was described as 'undulating' it became apparent later in the morning this was not quite the case.
With the race starting at 10:30am the sun was beginning to feel quite strong on the start line and the gentle breeze was welcome. The first decent climb came after only a mile and thereafter the course provided plenty of ups and downs! The middle of the race was relatively easy going but what was not expected was the ascent at 11.5 miles that lasted a whole mile! A welcome downhill to the finish meant at least there was some energy left for a smile as we crossed the line.
A pint of the local brew rounded off a hard but enjoyable morning. Paul finished the race in a time of 1hr 36min 26secs which he is more than happy with and Caroline completed the course in 1hr 57min 57secs. Afterwards she declared "so pleased to have got to the end of that one, and even happier to have got back in under two hours!"

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

50 96:28 Paul Davis
68.82% 903
160 1:57:58 Caroline Davis
61.06% 492

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Peterborough Grand Prix 5k Series: Werrington Race

This year's memento, a green tee shirt

The final Grand Prix of the series is the one where they hand out the mementos to those that have completed at least three of the races, five members of GRC had qualified for this year’s green tee shirt; Peter Bonner, Nev Chamberlain, Rob Howbrook, Robert McArdle and Catherine Payne. On one of the more exposed routes the wind and driving rain had to be factored in but as this was for position rather than time everyone was in the same boat. Running his fourth race in 12 days Peter Bonner was able to clock up another sub 20 time with Catherine Payne just over a minute behind and Robert McArdle the same distance behind her. As this was round 11 of the Club Championship points were also on offer. Peter’s 69.75% pushed him back to second in the table as he dropped a lower score from early season. Catherine’s 80.38% put her in the lead in the ladies table after her fifth event and Robert’s 70.03% saw hill climb up the table as well.

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking
73 19:43 Peter Bonner
69.75% 635
104 21:07 Catherine Payne
80.38% 31
133 22:19 Robert McArdle
70.03% 307

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Heckington 10

Matt celebrates another PB

Round 11 of the club championship saw Grantham Running Club's Matt Williamson celebrated another PB as he slashed almost seven minutes off his 2016 time for the Heckington 10. Returning to where he ran his first ever race in the green and black exactly 12 months earlier he was able to use his experience to pace his run to perfection. Just behind him was Rob Howbrook who paid the price for a very ambitious start and found himself tightening up in the second half to finish a minute astray of where he would like to be. The final member of the GRC trio was Nev Chamberlain running in memory of his father, now back to something like full fitness Nev was able to get within 30 seconds of his fastest ever 10 miler. Speaking after the race Matt said "This is a great race, no wonder it sells out so quickly every year"

In terms of points Matt replaced one of his lower scoring early season performances with his highest score to date whilst Rob moved to the top of the leader board after amassing  in excess of 400 points in just five races - an average of over 80%
Position Time Name
Grading Ranking
22 65:42 Matt Williamson
MSEN PB 67.55% 1456
33 68:39 Rob Howbrook
78.68% 91
82 80:05 Nev Chamberlin
66.26% 307

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Lincoln Wellington 5K Race

Peter Bonner
Peter Bonner bagged his first ever 70% score by going sub 20 at the third 5k in the Lincoln series just behind Rob Howbrook who enjoyed yet another performance in excess of 80%. Peter is currently in the best form of his running career with this race coming just 48 hours after setting a best ever gun time in the 10k at Bedford on Sunday. Although he has over 220 parkruns under his belt he has never got within a minute of this time at any of them. He also picked up an age grade ranking for this run.

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking
33 19:23 Rob Howbrook
81.32% 69
35 19:33 Peter Bonner
MV40 PB 70.35% 622

Saturday, 22 July 2017

24h Conti Thunder Run 2017

Grantham Running Club members braved the rain to take part in TR24 at Catton Park, South Derbyshire. The festival type 10km off-road relay event runs continuous from 12:00 on Saturday through to 12:00 the following day. With three mixed gender teams of 8 and a team of 5 with the addition of 3 solo runners the club sent its largest contingent ever.

This year’s event started in glorious sunshine but that was soon to change as the rain started shortly after and continued for 16hrs turning the undulating cross country course into a ‘mud bath’. The course by 12:00 on Sunday was virtually un-runnable but that didn’t deter the GRC members who had continued in their pursuit.

Solo Gordon getting a close-up
Three members decided to tackle the whole 24hrs solo with Gav Meadows and Paul Davis each completing in excess of 100km in the muddy conditions. As a late entrant Paul did not have time to fully prepare for a race for which he is ideally suited but he kicked off with three rapid laps before taking a short break followed by single lap later then dark lap before retiring for the evening, his five Sunday morning laps made up an eleven lap total placed him 21st Solo Male. Another strong contender in the Solo Male category was Gav and although running well just did not feel that he could give this race his usual 100%. He spun off five laps in a row on Saturday afternoon before taking a break and returning on Sunday morning to complete his planned ten placing him 33rd. The final Solo Male was Gordon Geach who completed two laps on the Saturday afternoon and one on the Sunday morning to finish 68th.

There were no penalties for bib number not visible
Pasky flies the flag
Despite the torrential conditions, the fastest team of 9 named ‘Grantham RC Blood, Sweat & Beers’ ran an incredible 28 laps placing them in 8th place of 226 teams. Team captain Andrew Pask selected the fastest runner available to join him as they targeted the highest position possible. He had a strong starting trio with Richard, Arthur and Andy all going sub 40 in recent 10k’s. His other choices were compromised with Scott only returning from holiday 24 hours before the race, Dean being ill, Rushie injured and Chris Limmer having to take it easy after a few weeks out. Richard led them out trying to get a lap done before the mass start cut up the course too badly this put Arthur into space which he made the most off, setting the fastest lap of the team with a 43:27, the only person to break 44:00. Andy managed to keep the team well up on the leader board where they stay all the way through not only due to coping well with the changing condition but not having any weak members. As the conditions became worse underfoot Scott had to loan his shoes to other runners to keep them upright! As the underfoot condition became impossible on Sunday morning there was actually some relief that there would be no 29th lap for the team as they had ran out of people fit enough to run it
Richard Payne 1 45:25 9 53:16 18 1:07:28 25 51:56
Arthur Short 2 43:27 11 47:02 19 57:40 26 59:17
Andy Atter 3 44:27 13 47:04 20 55:49 27 51:17
Andrew Pask 4 45:34 14 49:16 21 53:15 28 59:53
Scott Jones 5 44:15 10 47:17

Penny Hodges 6 49:27 15 1:02:45 22 1:06:34

Paul Rushie 7 47:00 16 :53:40 23 58:55

Dean Riggall 8 46:00 17 52:26 24 52:32

Chris Limmer 12 44:51

Next for the 8’s was team ‘2 Slow 2 Win but 2 Suborn 2 Quit’ completing 24 laps in 44th place.
(insert captain's report)

Andrew Macallister 1 56:23 8 55:10 17 1:07:47 24 1:08:27
Warren Stark 2 53:37 9 1:09:51

John Bainbridge 3 56:01 11 1:05:34 18 1:11:11

Liam Vincent 4 53:29 12 1:05:24 19 1:02:35

Sj Willis 5 51:40 13 1:01:00 20 1:05:04

Martin Carter 6 54:57 14 1:04:58 21 1:06:17

Helen Brown 7 56:42 15 1:03:24 22 1:05:28

Sarah High 10 59:58 16 1:17:11 23 1:14:11

Victoria on her first lap
Followed by ‘GRC #DBS’ with 20 laps in 138th. This team was made up of eight members, four of whom were new to this type of event while only one member had run this event previously. With the first few laps completed in the dry the team spirit wasn't dampened by the rain that then started,  and running passed the campsite gave a great lift in morale. Sam had the fastest lap for the team just as the rain started. Rick quoted "I've no idea how the hills work here, but there seems to be more up than down!!" 
The team ran consistently well through the night and the rain, despite Louise and Victoria having torch malfunctions. Sara and Rachael continued to run well as they returned from injuries.Lizzie had the honour of running the final lap of 20 for the team. As the sun finally decided to show running into the finish area brandishing the GRC flag.

Whilst Ros was packing up she tried to drum up support to gather a team for another 24 hour event later in the year.
Rick Dobbs 1 1:07:52 9 1:06:06 17 1:21:14
Rosalind Sadler 2 1:07:33 10 1:12:17 18 1:27:40
Sam Bainbridge 3 57:11 11 1:05:55 19 1:18:54
Lizzie Potter 4 1:04:53 12 1:18:08 20 1:27:33
Louise Fenton 5 1:03:50 13 1:24:16

Victoria Dexter 6 1:07:00 14 1:30:41

Rachel Smith 7 1:00:34 15 1:06:36

Sarah Pask 8 1:25:40 16 1:43:12

The GRC mixed team of 5 ‘Grantham Bling Quintet’ also produced a strong performance finishing 8th of 99 teams with a relentless 26 place.

Ben snaking along the track
The team of five presents the biggest mental and physical challenge of all the team sizes as the fastest way to run it is in single laps which means you have to get loose five or six times and you have the shortest break between laps. The lead runner was Matt targeted with getting the team into a gap while at the same time holding back enough energy for future laps which he did actually going faster on his second lap than his first. He was to eventually complete six laps on his debut. Next off was Catherine Payne clocking the fastest lap by a female in the club on her first lap who like the rest of the team did five laps, down on last year’s seven when the weather was kinder. An ankle injury hampered Robert while Mark’s good built up to the race was to an extent nullified by a chest cold that prevented him getting the absolute maximum out of himself. Struggling with a back injury Ben wasn’t able to make his stamina count as he normally would. Taking into account the injuries the team punched above their weight and were only two minutes away from sixth place.

Matt Williamson 1 47:11 6 46:34 11 48:33 16 51:37 21 51:03 26 54:56
Catherine Payne 2 47:55 7 49:59 12 54:06 17 1:00:37 22 58:18

Robert Mcardle 3 51:16 8 54:42 13 1:04:20 18 1:13:36 23 1:08:39

Mark Hillson 4 49:57 9 50:42 14 53:13 19 55:29 24 57:06

Ben Mason 5 51:34 10 55:28 15 1:01:34 20 1:06:43 25 1:14:27

‘Despite the insane state of the course, the atmosphere was incredible. With whole families coming along to support, the mood in the camp remained positive in tough conditions. The noise as members ran past the camp was at times deafening with drums and loud speakers all aimed at giving runners a much needed boost. I’m already thinking of next year.’ quoted Andrew Pask.

Despite the extremely challenging conditions, the team building event was deemed an outstanding success for the club with everyone leaving with a strong sense of achievement and thinking about 2018 already.