Monday, 22 August 2016

Hills and Dales

Hills and Dales

Three members of Grantham Running Club travelled to the Peak District to participate in the 'Hills and Dales' 26 mile trail marathon. The event runs annually to raise funds for Chernoybl Aid UK, a charity that delivers aid to Belarus, for people who are living with the legacy of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Penny Hodges, Mark Hillson and Paul Rushworth represented the club and decided to run together for safety in the inclement weather conditions. The race began near Hollingsclough and visited, Harthington, Milldale, Wetton and Warslow including a descent through the Woolfscote Dale. By halfway, the weather had improved to reveal picturesque views through Dovedale which nestled below the hills where the trio were running. In the final four miles of the event the heavens opened again, Penny, Mark and Paul returned soaked and tired in 6 hours 21 minutes. Over £500 was raised for the charity.            

(Picture: Mark Hillson)

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