Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stamford 30k

Grantham Running Club's Brendon and Yvonne Buckley, continued their Spring marathon preparations in Stamford by running the St Valentines 30k. Finishing hand in hand, the golden couple were rewarded with a box of chocolates and a huge round of applause from fellow club members. Proving that age is no barrier the Buckley's, who are preparing for their first marathons in Manchester and London finished with an excellent time of 3:46:45. The hilly course and freezing windy conditions did not deter 17 runners form GRC joining a field of 700 from completing the race, with huge improvements made by many; Veteran, Nev Chamberlain improved on his 2015 time by 9:31 with a speedy time of 2:38:06 and Holly Durham taking over 5mins off her 2014 time with 2:18:52. Six members ran times good enough to score over 70% on WMA grading system with Chris Limmer 1:59:39, Nick Rossington 2:15:45, Mark Wilson 2:16:50, Catherine Payne 2:21:35, Robert McArdle 2:23:33 and Sarah High 2:43:30 all achieving the county level standard. Other results were; Ruth Dunstan 2:50:58, Louise Payne 3:10:16, Gavin Meadows 2:12:38, Paul Rushworth 2:13:46, Andrew Pask 2:14:10, Scott Jones 2:29:17 and Nick Payne 2:29:17.

Photo: Brendon and Yvonne Buckley

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