Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Belvoir Challenge

GRC Members Enjoy Tough But Scenic Belvoir Challenge

Members of Grantham Running Club took part in the Belvoir Challenge on Saturday.
The off-road event offered a choice of 15.8 mile & marathon (26.2 mile)
distances. It takes in the tracks, trails & fields of the Vale of Belvoir &
whilst being a tough test for any runner also offers stunning views & scenery
thoughout. In addition there were cakes & treats on offer at check-points along
the way. The event was thouroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Taking on the longer marathon course were Chris Limmer, Gav Meadows & Paul
Davis. Despite treating this a social event & 'cruising' around the course,
suffering a bad fall & almost getting lost Chris crossed the line in an
impressive 3:41:49 finishing 19th in a field of 222. Gav was next over the line
for GRC in 24th position with a time of 3:47:29. This was his final long run
before tapering for the Barcelona Marathon. After being chased down by Gav for
much of the race, Paul finished in 4:00:25 placing 46th overall. He said 'the
hills after 20 miles really took their toll & slowed me down! I'm still very
happy with my time overall though.'

Whilst shorter, the 15.8 mile course was still a very tough test indeed. Taking
part were Nick Rossington (2:11:09), Jaime Garcia (2:11:34), Nikki Carr
(4:18:38) & Ruth Dunstan (4:18:40). After the event Nikki & Ruth said 'time &
position weren't important to us today. This event is so enjoyable it was so
much fun to do it together! The food is amazing!'

Photo: Nick Rossington, Jaime Garcia, Gavin Meadows and Chris Limmer

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