Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Peterborough Grand Prix 5k

Five members of GRC took part in the busiest race of the Peterborough Grand Prix series, the overcrowding at the start made even a season's best impossible after the first two or three minutes but it still gave the runners a good workout. At only £5 for the race it was not expensive, the points are added up and prizes presented at the final race at the end of the summer.

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

58 19:17 Rob Howbrook
81.74% 47
109 20:29 Peter Bonner
66.64% N/A
148 21:30 Catherine Payne
78.95% 20
170 22:11 Robert McArdle
70.45% 193
187 23:04 Nev Chamberlin
66.62% N/A

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