Friday, 7 July 2017

Whissendine 6ix

Caroline, Paul, Peter and Rob

Race eight of the GP series was one of the toughest due to the hilly nature of the course and the weather conditions, it was definitely not one for the “time tarts” and was always going to be a low scoring one. At least the temperature had dropped off a bit from earlier in the week which was a blessing, though still quite warm enough and humid but the main issue was the poor air quality. First home was Rob Howbrook almost a minute outside his best having problems with catching his breath. Both Paul and Caroline had planned to take it easy as they were running the Canal Canter the morning after. As usual for Paul the  idea faded after a mile or so and he ended up running as normal. Peter Bonner tracked him for nearly the whole race. The last 400m is a steep downhill  to give the spectators a fast finish to watch but Peter’s final  sprint for the line was in vain because although he overtook Paul he was missed by the line judge and in the official times was deemed to have finished 4 seconds behind Paul. Manfully taking it on the chin Peter didn’t appeal but all the runners loved the race and will be back again next year.

Position Time Name
26 40:10 Rob Howbrook
43 42:30 Paul Davis
44 42:34 Peter Bonner
167 53:51 Caroline Davis

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