Saturday, 2 September 2017

Bullock Smithy

Paul completed the 56 miles in 11:47

How it feels to finish!
Granthan Running Club's Paul Rushworth took part in the 56 mile Bullock Smithy event through the Peak District. The ultra run includes over 7,000ft of climb across mixed terrain. The route visits Hazel Grove, Bow Stones, Chinley, Edale, Castleton, Peak Forest, Millers Dale, Chelmorton, Earl Strendale, Brand Top, Cumberland Cottage before returning to Hazel Grove via Walker Barn. This year's event took place in particularly hot conditions with runners needing to avoid dehydration by replenish their salts regularly with electrolyte drinks. Paul said "I struggled to get going in the first half, probably because of the warm te
mperatures. It was a relief when the sun went down and I managed to find a better groove over the final 15 miles". Paul finished the event just before midnight in a time of 11 hours 47 minutes, a time which was almost three hours behind the leader but was good enough for 9th place. 

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