Thursday, 31 October 2013

Intervals Training - Tuesday 5 November

As Rob is away, he asked me if if I could take next week's intervals session. I thought I'd forewarn you of the session I had in mind. 

Geared primarily at those training for a forthcoming 10 mile or half marathon, I propose, after a warm up, a minimum of four and a maximum of six 1 mile intervals with a 3 minute recovery, based on them being between the Barrowby Gate Roundabout on the A52 and somewhere just before Rectory Lane on the same road (From memory I believe it is all lit). Meet at the usual venue to warm up first.

Target pace should be around, or ideally, just a little faster than your current half marathon pace. Consistency of pace and effort through the intervals will be the focus rather than maximum attack on the first mile followed by the inevitable, painful, decline. Bring a stopwatch / Garmin etc, if you have one.

If anyone has a better place to do these intervals, I am all ears.



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