Thursday, 24 October 2013

Presentation Night Winners

Handicap Winner             Based on Result


Winner                                 Gwenda Williams, 3:56 inside her previous best

Runner-up                          Andrew Spencer, 2:25 inside his predicted time


WMA Winner Men          Based on highest %


Winner                                 Matt Kingston-Lee, 77.60% at Notts Half

Runner up                           Paul Davidson, 77.23% at Spalding


WMA Winner Women   Based on highest %


Winner                                 Catherine Payne, 76.35% at St Ives 10k

Runner up                           Abi Schofield, 71.19% at the Bedford Half


Best Newcomer               Coaches choice


Winner:                                Rob Howbrook                  3 races, percentage climbing will be over 70% next year

Runner up:                         Chris England                     PB every race

Biggest Improvement    Coaches Choice


Winner:                                Paul Rushie Rushworth for beating an 11 year old PB in London

Runner Up:                         Scott Jones for a year of PB’s

Special mention:              Holly Durham great times but we can’t tell if it is an improvement or if she was that good to start with!

Member of the year      


Winner: Gerry Hyde

Runner up:         Paul Rushworth

Voted for at the meeting by the members


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