Thursday, 21 November 2013

The 29th Christmas Eve Run 2013 : The Scandinavian Connection



There is no doubt that the Scandinavians were in these parts in the past.  Even before ABBA and Bjorn Borg!  They swept through various settlements including Lincolnshire and  Leicestershire.  Many village names emanate from them.

Ones ending in  ‘’  or   ‘...thorpe’ for example i.e. Ingleby, Oadby, Harby,  Woolsthorpe. 

There are rumours of them raping and pillaging as they went, with great horns in their hats.  This is not true, of course, they did not have horns, at least not on their hats.  Anyway I am sure they would have taken their hats off first.

We intend to go to the village of Stathern which has been visited before but this time it is the Plough which is the pub of choice.

We have a guest runner from Sweden participating.  Gustaf Eriksson is staying with us to sample a British Christmas, so the Christmas Eve Run is a good introduction.  He is far too polite to pillage.   He informs me that The Swedish Father Christmas is called Tomten and delivers everyone’s presents for Christmas Eve.  Tomten can, I believe, take many forms and there are various pictures of Tomten from the usual large fat man in red to the one I prefer in which he looks rather like a small yeti with a blue rinse beard. 

He does come in a sleigh, probably made by Volvo  but the pulling power will vary depending on which animals are around.  Usually reindeer but I have seen a picture of him with a large horned goat.  It would make sense, at other times, if moose did the pulling, as they are damn great leggy things and bound to speed up the journey.  There are plenty around in Scandinavia.  


Gimme Gimme Gimme the Christmas Eve Run

(with apologies To Benny Anderson of ABBA)

Its Half past ten

24th December and I hope they have remembered

That this is the day they have trained for

Hail, rain, snow

And the wind is blowing harder,

We have emptied out the larder

But the pub will have good ale and food and more

Are there  real fires there

And a comfy chair.....

Gimme gimme gimme a run every Christmas

Across fields and through hedges and over a ditch

Gimme gimme gimme a run every Christmas

Though I am limping and keep getting a stitch  .....etc..


Other ABBA songs which didn’t quite make it that could be sung while running across the fields

Running Running Running,  The Winner Buys The Round,  Waterlogged

Running Queen,   Knowing Feet Knowing Shoe,  Thank You For The Mud Track


Meet at Bjorn Fishersson’s house,  37 Hurst Crescent, Barrowby  for refreshment at about 9.30ish  and be ready to run at about 10.30ish.  Bring dry clothes in a bag to change into in pub.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR MENU CHOICES BEFORE THE DAY


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