Sunday, 15 October 2017

Amsterdam Marathon

Three runners from Grantham running club took part in the Amsterdam Marathon. First home for the club was Gav Meadows in a time of 3:17:39. Gav stated at the finish that the goal was to run the sub 3hr5min good for age standard to qualify for London Marathon; he gave it his all but it just wasn't to be on the day 

Second home for the club was Matthew Williamson in a time 3:27:28. Matthew started incredibly well and was on for a massive pb until mile 18 when both his calf muscles tightened up. Matthew managed to carry on up until mile 22 where the pain was just unbearable and had to walk the last 3 miles. Not the race he had hoped for but he enjoyed the experience of running a marathon abroad for the first time.

Third home for the club was Neil Emerson in a time of 4:22:01. Neil regularly does at least one marathon in Europe a year and has never done the Amsterdam marathon. After the race he stated that he was happy to get round in the time he did as the weather was stating to really warm up as the race went on.

Position Time Name
Grading Ranking

1181 3:17:39 Gav Meadows
63.26% N/A
1723 3:27:28 Matthew Williamson
60.21% N/A
7548 4:22:01 Neil Emerson
56.78% N/A
Report: Matthew Williamson

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