Saturday, 21 July 2018

TR24 Yvonnes Team

The grounds of Catton Park in South Derbyshire were once again the venue for the Continental TR 24 Hour Thunder Run as popular as ever and celebrating its 10th anniversary  proving its popularity with some 3000 runners taking part from all over the country. The cross country 10k event which ran from mid day Saturday to mid day on the Sunday features solo runners, pairs and teams of 5 and 8,  with the prime target of achieving as many laps as possible in the 24 hours. Grantham Running Clubs 'Team D’ incorporated mostly new comers to the event which entails camping for the weekend, and the delights of late night and early morning runs with little more than a head torch to guide them along the 10k course something not to be forgotten but certainly an experience enjoyed by all. Leading the team out at the start on Saturday was captain Yvonne Buckley (3 laps 01:15:46, 01:18:43, 01:20:50) handing the batton over to Richard Hall who paced himself superbly over the course of the event with only 52 seconds separating his lap times (3 lap 01:06:49, 01:06:20, 01:07:12), Justyna Gill (3 laps 01:10:13, 01:14:16,01:19:01), Simon Hartley (2 laps 01:10:53,01:13:30), Melanie Taylor (2 laps 01:19:30, 01:27:07), Dona Hall (2 laps 01:16:05, 01:32:57), Brendon Buckley (3 laps 01:09:58, 01:17:27, 01:12:53) and Tracy Webb (1 lap 01:09:11) With 19 laps overall completed the team were placed 198th.

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