Sunday, 14 March 2021

Lincolnshire Inter-Club Virtual 10K

Grantham Running Club fielded a 32-runner team in the Lincolnshire Inter-Club Virtual 10K. Joined by Stamford Striders, Sleaford Striders, Lincoln & District and Lincoln S&D running clubs, this virtual 10K was a much-needed return to some level of competition. With runners given a two-week window to run the distance on a course of their choosing it really was a tale of two weeks. With the weather on week one being calm and ideal running conditions, week two was the complete opposite. Having to stick to a strict set of parameters, some runners fell fowl of the allowed maximum 30ft net descent rule meaning a time penalty was imposed. Some standout performances in the men’s event included; Sam Jepson-Rivers, Sam Clark and Rick Dobbs. Pairing up in a race like scenario, the two Sams went head-head on an out and back course along Heath Lane near Hungerton. Both men on great form were targeting times that were unimaginable only 12 months ago. With Jepson-Rivers leading the way clocking an outstanding 38:57, sub 40mins was never a problem. Sam Clark ran a huge effort to hang with Jepson-Rivers for his own breakthrough time of 39:42. Also catching the eye was Rick Dobbs who is improving event after event and his latest time of 47:53 makes a mockery of his official PB. Paul Jepson won individual honours, taking the Men’s Veteran 60 title after his impressive 48:50, over 3mins ahead of his nearest competitor. The women were led by Holly Durham who is rapidly returning to top form. Holly’s time of 41:48 was her best time for 3 years and enough to earn her GRC’s top Age Grade score of 74.29% which is comfortably inside the county level standard and placed her as 3rd lady overall. Julie Gilbert and Sylv Hull continue to improve a rapid rate. Julie’s time of 52:42 is nearly 3mins inside her official best and was good enough to score her highest ever Age Grade score. Sylv Hull was delighted with her 53:34 in windy conditions, improving on her official best by nearly 4 mins. Michelle Parczuk and Yvonne Buckley also won individual honours, taking 2nd place in the Ladies Veteran 50 and Ladies Veteran 60 categories respectively. In the team competitions, GRC were beaten to the title by Sleaford Striders but the friendly rivalry was welcomed by all the competing Lincolnshire clubs.

Overall scores looked like this:  

Position Club Points 

1 Sleaford Striders AC 14,811 

2 Grantham Running Club 14,636 

3 Lincoln & District Runners 9,132 

4 Lincs S&C RC 3,827 

5 Stamford Striders 1,425 

Complete GRC results: 

9 Samuel Jepson-Rivers SM 38:57.00* 

11 Joe Diggins M35 39:12.00* 

13 Sam Clark M35 39:42.00* 

17 Andrew Pask M35 40:20.00 

21 Matthew Atter M35 41:42.00 

22 Holly Durham W35 41:48.00 

26 Alan Carley M50 43:13.00 

29 Ben Hatherley M40 43:40.00 

43 Rick Dobbs M40 47:53.00* 

44 Ben Mason M40 47:55.00 

51 Paul Jepson M65 48:50.00 

55 Warren Stark M45 49:35.00 

57 Tommy Napier M55 49:58.00 

58 Vicki Ball SW 49:59.00* 

59 Stuart Baty M45 50:00.00 

60 MichelleParczuk W50 50:19.00 

61 Anthony Boyle M50 51:05.00* 

66 Julie Gilbert W50 52:42.00* 

67 Sarah High W55 52:48.00 

68 Vicki Hardy W35 52:49.00 

70 Dean Riggall M45 53:00.00 

71 Peter Storey M60 53:03.00 

72 Sylv Hull W40 53:34.00* 

76 Rosalind Sadler W45 56:41.00 

77 Kate Marshall W45 56:58.00* 

78 Martin Carter M35 57:15.00 

82 Stephen Fay M55 58:54.00 

84 Yvonne Buckley W60 59:32.00* 

85 Tracy Webb W50 1:01:04.00 

88 Louise Kennedy W45 1:03:18.00* 

93 Julia Hallam W40 1:14:28.00 

94 Vicky Willan W50 1:17:22.00 

*Denotes time good enough for an official PB.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

5k Series

Joe - Outright winner

Grantham Running Club got 2021 off to a flyer with their 4-week 5k series. Determined to test themselves despite the latest lockdown restrictions, runners were challenged with improving their 5k times week after week in this virtual series. Often running alone this testing distance provided a good excuse to rediscover some much-needed speed after months without official races.

 The series outright winners were Holly Durham (21:15) and Joe Diggins (18:27). Both runners reaching the county level standard for their age grade with Joe running a time which would easily be an official PB.

The challenge was to improve, and two runners caught the GRC team captains’ eye more than others; Vicky Hardy and Peter Storey. Both runners perfectly captured the spirit of the series with week on week improvements. Vicki who’s all four times represent a giant leap in form, going from 25:41 in week 1 to finish off with 24:41. All times would represent a PB in an official race. Peter is another who’s enjoying his running, using this series as motivation to kickstart his running since Christmas. His week 1 time of 26:06 was impressive for his Veteran 60 age category, but that was just a marker of the improvement to come. Finishing with an outstanding 24:34, Peter is one who will be looking forward to official races starting again.

A total of 38 members were lured into the friendly mid-winter competition when often the weather was against them. Many of them have clearly been working hard to get those times down. Here’s the breakdown of the category winners:

Outright Winners

Ladies – Holly Durham (21:25, week 2)

Holly - Outright winner

Men – Joe Diggins (18:27, week 1)

 Veteran 40

Ladies – Penny Hodges (22:10, week 1)

Men – Ben Hatherley (19:27, week 4)

 Veteran 50

Ladies – Tracy Webb (30:36, week 4)

Men – Alan Carley (21:15, week 4)

 Veteran 60

Ladies – Yvonne Buckley (30:19, week 2)

Men – Paul Jepson (23:35, week 1)

Most Improved

Ladies – Vicki Hardy (25:41-24:41, improved each week)

Men – Peter Storey (26:06-24:34, improved each week)

 Age Graded Winner

Ladies – Holly Durham, 70.46%

Men – Joe Diggins, 73.78%

 Had this race been official, the following runners would have run times good enough to beat their best – Joe Diggins (18:27, week 1), Sam Clark (18:46, week 2), Aaron Smith (18:56, week 2), Mikey Brain (19:39, week 4), Rick Dobbs (21:43, week 3), Wayne Baxter (23:42, week 2), Vicki Hardy (24:41, week 4), Sylv Hull (25:11, week 2), Kate Marshall (28:06, week 3), Louise Kennedy (29:02, week 3), CJ Walker (29:50, week 4).

 Special mention goes to Ben Hatherly (19:27, week 4) and Ben Mason (21:21, week 1) who both ran their fastest times for around 7 years.

 Other results: Andrew Pask (20:08), Sam Jepson-Rivers (20:29), Matthew Atter (20:54), Sam Dodwell (21:42), Naomi Jepson-Rivers (23:19), Michelle Parczuk (23:52), Tommy Napier (24:56), Vicki Ball (25:01), Kristofor Blake (26:21), Nic Webster (27:38), Kathleen Gray (27:50), Ros Sadler (28:19), Yvonne Buckley (30:19), Julia Hallam (31:48), Sara Pask (32:38), Tracey Gell (33:26), Becky Rice (34:35)